I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the blog page that I hope will help you to change your life & thinking to enable you to become your best, most grounded & confident self.

Now you may be wondering:

“Who is this woman?!? Who the hell does she think she is!?” Or “How could she possibly help me with anything?!?”

Well, let me introduce myself..

My name is Leslie, although many know me by my nickname Lila (long story behind that one)!  I am a fully qualified, level 3 Personal Trainer, motivational & transformation coach (Yawn). But first & foremost I am a single mother to my absolutely beautiful 6 year old son, who is my heart & soul – my reason for being & possibly the biggest reason for growth in my life ever! 

My history is a little muddled, like so many of us nowadays I guess.. I’m a German girl from a small, small town on the border of Holland, my father left my mother shortly after I was born & I was a little bit of an awkward outcast to that side of the family for most of my life. I was educated in the UK, moving every 2 years through the Royal Air Force where my stepfather was serving as a squadron leader.

Moving schools every two years wasn’t easy & I was shy, naive & often bullied throughout my younger years, mostly for being the new girl & generally just trying to find my space in the world…

I moved out at 15 after witnessing abuse at home, raped & threatened at the hostel I lived in for a year.. I’ve been through a few bits and pieces like most of you reading this. I say this not to brag or play a game of who’s had a harder time, but to just show you that I’ve experienced struggle too & come through the other side. Everything in life happens for a purpose, although the higher purpose is not always apparent at the time.

Fast forward around 20 years, 3 countries, 1 child, a complete career overhaul & a whole great big heap of obstacles, difficulties & a few close shaves with death and we find ourselves here today..  2016.. Where I have finally put finger to iPhone & decided to share my knowledge of healthy eating, exercise & positive mindset models to help others to overcome the darker times they may be experiencing in their lives, to find their fun, themselves & their lust for life again!

My life’s mission is to help you to reconnect with yourself, accept yourself & find your happy again, all whilst transforming your body through healthier choices and a better understanding of health & nutrition in this crazy, superfast world of ours.. 

So please, stay tuned, make yourself comfortable & I look forward to hearing more about you! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section – I can’t wait to connect with you soon!

Lila ❤️